あんなものを贈りたい こんなものを贈る自分が好きと思ったりして

We are making time to be "ufu"
We want to spread“ufu” all over the world.

What is ufu ?

You know the moments in which you find yourself smiling?
Maybe because you are holding something or using something special, Or when you are imagining the reaction of the person you’re choosing a gift for. Or maybe when you are pleased with the idea of yourself giving a gift. +lab’s goal is to add these little moments of smiling to your hectic everyday life.



+lab is Yamazakura’s consumer-oriented second brand

+lab products leverage the skills, know-how and networks built up by Yamazakura since its founding in 1931 as a general manufacturer of paper products for office use.

山櫻のショールーム サクラテラスで行われていた、女性だけのちいさな集まりがクラブ活動のようになり、プラスラボ誕生の種となりました。そんなちいさな種はブランドへと進化し、世界中の働く人の暮らしに寄り添う「『うふっ』となる時間」を届けることを目指す、山櫻のセカンドブランドとして活動しています。


The seeds from which +lab was born were planted by a small group of women who met at Yamazakura’s Sakura Terrace showroom as though engaged in some after-school club activity. Those small seeds evolved into Yamazakura’s second brand aimed at delivering “ufu” (happy) time to the world’s busy workers.

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+labが誕生するまで Until +lab was born

2010年7月5日 / July 5th, 2010


サクラテラスの活性化を目的に、女性だけの企画チーム(3名)を発足。このチームで企画したサクラテラスで販売するためのお土産が、後の+labの商品「chiisai futo」や「chiisai tack」につながっていきます。

+lab seeds / Sakura Terrace girls-only team was formed
A 3-member girls-only planning team was formed with the aim of revitalizing Sakura Terrace. The goods designed by the team for sale at Sakura Terrace later led to +lab’s chiisai futo and chiisai tack.

2010年11月1日 / November 1st, 2010



+lab seeds / Envelope Lab was established
Based at Sakura Terrace and named “Futo Kenkyujo” (Envelope Lab), for three years 11 women from different departments met every night after work and munched on snacks while coming up with ideas and handcrafting all sorts of envelopes.

2011年1月11日 / January 11th, 2011

Futo Pad 発売

Futo Pad以前は、研究所のメンバーが企画し手作りで商品をつくっていました。社長と専務のリクエストから企画がスタートし、初めて職人さんの力を借りて大量生産された商品が「Futo Pad」です。

Futo Pad was launched
Until Futo Pad came out, the lab members designed and crafted products by hand. Launched at the request of the company CEO and managing director, Futo Pad was the first mass-produced product to incorporate the skills of a craftsman.

2011年5月 / May 2011

futo lab・meishi lab 誕生

創業80周年を機に誕生したBtoCブランド「futo lab」と「meishi lab」。これらのブランドの“文具と雑貨のあいだ”という商品づくりのコンセプトは、+labの商品企画の基本的な概念となっています。

futo lab and meishi lab debut
futo lab and meishi lab debuted as BtoC brands on the occasion of the company’s 80th anniversary. The concept behind the brands, “between stationery and sundries,” is +lab’s basic product planning concept.

2012年7月31日 / July 31st, 2012

Pamodzi 誕生

山櫻とバナナペーパーが出会い、封筒研究所スタッフのアフリカ ザンビアへの研修がきっかけとなり誕生した商品。後に、「phocado」と「memowrap」と一緒に+labブランドの最初の商品となります。

Pamodzi debut
Pamodzi was born out of an encounter between Yamazakura and banana paper and a training session in Zambia attended by Envelope Lab staff. Later, along with phocado and memowrap, Pamodzi became one of the first +lab brand products.

2012~2013年 / 2012 - 2013



phocado and memowrap were born out of joint industry-university research
The catalyst for these products was a visit to the joint industry-university research project with Tama Art University, in which one of our partner companies participated, and Yamazakura’s purchase and merchandizing of the students’ ideas. phocado and memowrap later debuted as +lab brand’s first products.

+labが誕生してから After +lab was born

2013年2月6日 / February 6th, 2013

+lab 誕生


+lab was born
+lab brand was unveiled to the public for the first time at an international gift show. +lab® gave shape to numerous endeavors dating back to Yamazakura’s 80th anniversary in 2011 and was launched as Yamazakura’s second brand.

2014年11月 / November 2014



First exports to Taiwan
+lab’s first export destination was Taiwan. With Japanese stationery becoming increasingly popular in Taiwan, it was the first foreign country to which +lab exported its products.

2015年7月31日・8月1日 / July 31st - August 1st, 2015

ufu marche 開店

初めてのポップアップショップを、東京 吉祥寺にオープン。ちいさな空間を埋めることもできないくらい少ない商品点数にも関わらず、いつかブランドの拠点となる店舗をつくる!と夢を描いて、期間限定のポップアップショップを開きました。

Opened ufu marché shop
+lab opened its first pop-up store in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Despite the fact that there were barely enough products to fill the small space, we opened a limited-time pop-up store while dreaming of one day opening a shop that will serve as our brand base.

2015年12月~2017年12月 / December 2015 - December 2017

ufu lab 開催


Held ufu lab workshop
A workshop using +lab products, called the Little Studio for Adults, was held. Small-group sessions that include suggesting ways of using products, such as for letters, wrappings or travel journals, as well as a fun tea time plus mini learning experience continued for about two years.

2019年1月18~22日 / January 18th - 22nd, 2019


海外の展示会に初出展。フランス最大の見本市「MASION & OBJET Paris」に出展しました。欧州をターゲットとした商品の選定と、新たな商品の企画をしお披露目。「うふっ」を世界に!の思いを現実にする第一歩でした。

Exhibited at Maison&Objet
+lab exhibited at an overseas exhibition for the first time, participating in Maison&Objet Paris, France’s biggest trade fair. We selected products targeted at Europe as well as designing and exhibiting new items. This was the first step toward realizing our aim of spreading “ufu” (happy smiles) all over the world.

2020年6月 / June 2020

ufu marché ONLINE 開店


Launched ufu marché online
+lab launched its first online shop. We established an official online shop exclusively for +lab brand products and began selling items that had previously been confined to a corner of Yamazakura’s online shop.

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